Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

About Us

Amanda Ho Designs is owned, managed, and designed by myself, Amanda Ho. I am a wife and mom in southern Scotland trying to provide for my family. Nobody else runs, manages, or fully creates products for this shop but me. I have all creative license to my products, though I’m happy to take suggestions from family, friends, and customers!

The man behind the scenes, my best friend and husband of 14 years, Mr. H, is my biggest supporter. He helps me by providing constructive criticism, unending support, and pride in me and my work. Mr. H. doesn’t have a designer’s eye, but he’s willing to tell me when something seems a little bit off. He helps with keeping our home running when I’m busy, brings me coffee when my mug is empty, and reminds me that I need to take a break or get some sleep. I couldn’t do this without him, so send major props to him!

Our 10-year-old son, (nicknamed) Punky, helps design items for the shop occasionally. He loves graphic design, drawing, and all things art-related. He doesn’t yet know how to use graphic design software, but it’s on the list of things for him to learn after the stress of home-based learning is over. His major dreams are to become a highly successful gaming Youtuber, a pizza restaurant owner/operator, and to be an engineer for Nasa. Punky’s never-ending hugs and hilarious sense of humor make life so much better when I’ve been working for 18 hours on new designs for the shop.

The Amanda Ho Designs Team

There are no social media managers, graphic designers, marketing teams, admin, or anything else keeping this place running. We’re just a small family doing the absolute best we can. We hope you enjoy your shopping experience with us! If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to contact us!

Why should I purchase items from Amanda Ho Designs?

The success of this shop means that my family will be able to escape from working alternate shifts and allow us to spend more quality time together. Each and every sale means the world to us! If you have questions while you’re shopping on our site, you’ll be able to reach us almost immediately on Facebook or Twitter, and you’ll be getting first-class customer service. If you have problems with your order, we’re right there to fix the issue!

We work incredibly hard to bring you quality products that are different from what you can find elsewhere. I love classic Farmhouse style. That’s the vibe going on here in the shop, but my tastes differ wildly from one day to the next. If you notice something here that doesn’t fit the Farmhouse Style narrative, that’s why. 

Digital Products

How do I download digital products?

Once you make your purchase, you’ll be immediately directed to download your file. You will also be sent an email with your download link just in case you click to close the page before you finish the download.

Are there limits to how many times a digital product can be downloaded?

No, absolutely not! Once you make your purchase and are sent the download link for the file, it is yours to keep and download repeatedly forever!

What file formats will I receive?

You will receive a zip file with JPG files of your print. Each file will have four sizes included for the price of one.

What sizes are included in the zip file?

I include the following sizes in every file: 8×10 inch, 11×16 inch, 16×20 inch, and international A4 (8.3×11.7 inches).

Are you willing to make your prints in other sizes?

Yes, I am! If you require prints in a specific size, please let me know once you purchase the listing. I will create the size you need for no extra charge and email you the file directly. Please email me, or find me on Facebook or Twitter to request the custom-sized print, and include your email address and order reference number so I can send you the file.

Are you willing to send me different file formats?

Absolutely! After you purchase your art print, please let me know via social media or email which print you purchased, what file format you’d like the print to be in, and what sizes you’d like me to send you. Please supply your email address and order reference number when contacting me so I can verify your purchase.

Are digital art prints refundable?

No. I do not offer refunds on digital files. Once you make your purchase, the file is yours and is not able to be returned.

What do I do if I have a problem with the file?

If you have a problem with your art print file, please let me know immediately. I will fix the issue and send the edited files to you. Please supply your email address and order reference number so I can verify your purchase and send the edited files to you via email.

What resolution are the files? Are they high quality?

I create all of my prints in 300dpi. That number means it has a resolution of 300 dots per square inch, which is the requirement of print shops like Kinkos. You are able to take your art prints to a print shop and have them professionally printed if you desire. 

What happens if the print shop asks for a digital imaging license allowing me to print your artwork?

I have included a digital imaging license with your art files. The title of the file is “Digital Imaging License.odt”. Should it not be included, please get in touch with me and I will send you one. The imaging license details what you are and aren’t allowed to do with the print. I do allow customers to have their art prints professionally printed for personal use only. These prints are not to be resold.

Can you make a custom print for me?

Yes, absolutely! Please contact me via my business social media pages or email and describe what you’d like me to make for you. I need to know what size you’d like, what file format you’d prefer, colors you want used. It will be an indepth conversation so I can get to know you and your tastes before I start working on your art print. 

What is your turnaround time for custom art prints?

I aim to have every custom print completed from start to finish within 7 business days of your order. Please be aware that this time frame may change due to my availability. I will make every effort to have your art print ready for you within 7 business days. You will be notified of any delay in your print being created.

How many times can I change my mind when you're creating my art print?

I include 2 free “proofs” with each art print. This means you can change your mind and alter a portion of the agreed upon design twice for free. If you have received your two free proofs and still want to alter the design, I will be charging £2 per additional proof. This will be invoiced to you upon the completion of your print along with the original agreed upon print price.

How much do you charge for a custom art print?

I put the same if not much more work into custom prints than I do for the prints I sell directly in the shop. This means the price will depend on how much work is to be done. 

Custom prints start at £15 for one file size. Each additonal size you’d like included will be an additional £3. This will be noted on the invoice for your custom order. Please note that this does not include any proof fees past the two free proofs included in the price of your print. 

When are custom print invoices due?

Due to the custom nature of the product, I require a 50% deposit before I will start working on your print. The final price will be agreed to before work commences so you know how much to pay for the deposit.

The remaining balance on your art print is due no later than 24 hours after you receive your product. I will verify that your file was received. I expect that every customer is honest and willing to pay the fees for custom prints before I take time to create them for you. 

What if I have a question that's not answered here?

The easiest places to find me are on my blog Facebook page, in the shop’s private Facebook group, or tag me on Twitter

Physical Products

What print providers do you use for your physical products?

I use Gooten and Printful as print providers for my physical products.

Why are your shipping prices so high?

Shipping prices are set by the shipping providers (USPS, UPS, FedEx, DPD, etc). I have no control over how much it costs to ship items to your location.

Why don't you offer free shipping?

As shipping prices fluctuate often, it would be impossible for me to update every product on a regular basis to reflect true shipping costs. I prefer that you are aware of shipping prices as to not think my products have an overly inflated cost. The price you see on the listing is the price of the print providers item, plus a very modest profit margin to help support this site and my family. This means I only make a a few dollars on each item sold. 

What do I do if I have a problem with my order?

In the event of a defect in your item, or if the print provider sent the wrong item, please get in touch with me immediately. I will submit an report with the print on demand company and they will let me know of what steps to take next regarding a return.

What if I accidentally order the wrong size piece of apparel?

I do apologize, but I am not able to offer refunds or returns on items where the wrong size was ordered. Please double or triple check you’re ordering the correct item and size. 

Do you offer refunds if I regret my purchase?

I’m sorry, but no, I do not offer refunds on purchases you regret.

Will I receive a tracking number?

Yes! As soon as the print provider ships your item, they will send me the tracking number which I will forward to you.

What happens if my item is lost in transit?

In the instance of your item being lost in transit, please let me know if it hasn’t arrived by the estimated delivery date. I will notify the print provider and they will advise me of next steps. I will keep you updated with all of the information provided to me. 

If I like a specific digital art print in your store, can you put it on a physical item for me?

Yes, I can! Please contact me and let me know what print you’d like and which physical product you’d like it on. Before submitting the order to the print provider, I will send you a proof of the item so you can tell me if you’d like me to make any changes (location, size, etc). 

My Account

Why should I create an account on your site?

If you create an account on our site, you’ll be able to see all of your orders in the “My Orders” section of the account in one handy location. This is where you can download your digital files,  view purchases of physical items, and will be updated with tracking numbers. No more sorting through hundreds of emails to find your receipts!

How do I reset my password?

1) Visit our Shop login page:  

2) Enter your email address in the displayed field

3) Then, check your email inbox and find the email with the subject: “Password Reset for….” – Be sure it has today’s date and is not an old email (you may have to wait a few minutes for the email to come through).

4) Click on the link inside the email which says “Click here to reset your password”

5) This should bring up the website with the My Account Page, where it displays the “Enter a new password” fields.

6) Enter a new password on the left-field – then repeat it on the right. Ensure you use a strong password that cannot be easily guessed – passwords should contain upper and lower case letters and/or characters. Remember to make a note (somewhere safe) of the new password that you created.

7) If you prefer to use your own password (ensure it’s strong!), you will need to type carefully to ensure the passwords match in both fields. Password characters are not shown for security reasons. To help you, you can first type the password into a word document so that you can see it and then copy and paste that into both of the password fields. Remember to make a note (somewhere safe) of the new password that you created.

8) After entering both passwords, hit the “Save” button. You should then be taken to the My Account – Login Page, where you must log in again.

9) If you see a message saying “Passwords do not match” it means you didn’t re-enter the new password correctly in the right field. Try again and type carefully, the same password into both fields. Make sure you check to see if you had accidentally added a space after your password. This is the most common reason for an error!

10) If at any time you are already logged in and want to update or change your password – you will first need to enter your existing password.  If you can’t recall your existing password, you will need to log out and then use the password reset instructions above to set a new password to something you can remember/make a note of.

I reset my password but it still won't let me in. What's going on?

You may need to clear the cache of your browser. Go into your browser settings, scroll down to “Clear Cache” and click. Refresh your browser and try to log in again. Should the error persist, please get in contact with me and I will manually reset it for you.

I want to update my password. How do I do that?

You can update or change your password in your account. If you are already logged in, but do not remember the password you used to sign up, you will need to log out and follow the “Reset Password” process. If you do not remember the email address you signed up with,  please get in contact with me and I can manually reset the password for you. I will need your full name to be able to find your account.

The order status of my physical product hasn't updated in a while. Why?

Sometimes there is a delay with a print provider not updating production and shipping details of your order. As soon as the product has moved along the production line, the status will be updated. In the event it does not automatically update, I will update it manually. If the issue should persist, please clear the cookies and cache of your browser, log in again, and check to see if there have been any changes.

I have another question about my account that isn't listed here. What do I do?

Please contact me and let me know what the issue is. I will be able to help you as the administrator of my website.